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bamboo cutting saw
best saw for bamboo cutting
bamboo saws
bamboo cutting saw
best saw for bamboo cutting
bamboo saws

Saw for cutting Bamboo | Bamboo Saws

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    Best saw for cutting bamboo

    Material (Blade)  Manganese steel
    Material (Handle)  Wood
    Blade lenght  35 cm
    Handle lenght  17 cm
    Weight  295 g

    • Ideal saw for cutting bamboo
    • Curved blade for faster cutting of bamboo
    • Aligned teeth with a strong cutting edge
    • Wooden handle for good grip and natural feel
    • Case included with the saw

    Prunning a bamboo grove is important to hlelp its overall health. This saw with wooden handle is perfectly suited for cutting bamboo. The outer wall of bamboo is not always easy to cut, except when using a special saw like this one. Its many aligned teeth make it easy to get a clean cut. You can use it to cut bamboo in your garden or in a field, but also to work on cut bamboo. You can also use it to cut dry bamboo, but it will be easier to cut green bamboo.

    What diameter of bamboo can I cut with this saw ?

    This saw can cut bamboo from 2 to 16 centimeters in diameter. The curved blade is 35 centimeters long, which allows to cut bamboo with large diameter very quickly.

    Protective case with the saw included

    A case is sent to you with the saw, which allows you to store it easily and to protect yourself from the blade. It is recommended to put the saw in its case between each use.

    When and why cutting bamboo ?

    To avoid having a too high density of bamboo culms in your plantation, it is important to prun it every year. The life span of a bamboo culm is about 10 years. Indeed, the vascular bundles of the bamboo culm which are used to transport the sap become obstructed with time, which will lead to the death of the culm, which will thus dry out. These dry stems are not very nice, so it is important to remove them. By doing an annual thinning, it allows your bamboo plantation to renew itself more easily, leaving more space for new culms.

    Bamboo pruning is usually done in autumn or winter. It is best to avoid doing it during spring when new shoots are coming out, as this can deplete your plantation. During this thinning, we will remove the canes of 4 years or more, and the unsightly canes. It is important to avoid removing the bamboo culms that came out the current year and the year before, as these are the culms that are most important for transporting nutrients to the new shoots the following year.


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