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Split bamboo poles from 2 cm to 12 cm

Most bamboo splitting tools sold on the market do not make it easy to split large diameter bamboo poles. Our Bamboo Splitter has been designed to split bamboo of up to 12 cm easily, green or dry.

High strength

Our Bamboo Splitter is made of manganese steel and weights over 2 kg. Its strength and weight allow it to split bamboo in less than 10 seconds without any effort. You can also see that it is very sharp, which makes it slide more easily along the bamboo. Finally, the shape of our bamboo splitting tool make it easier to plant it in the center of the bamboo, and therefore have beautiful bamboo slats.

Available with 4, 8 or 12 blades

You can choose according to the number of slats you want to cut. To get small slats for making more sophisticated creations, the bamboo splitter with 12 slats is a good choice. For wider slats, you can choose the bamboo splitter with 4 slats.

Make your own creations

With the Original Bamboo Splitter, you can create many things, such as a bamboo pergola roof ! You can also make tables, chairs, baskets, portals, artistic creations, etc...


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