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How to Split Bamboo Easily with a Bamboo Splitter ?

Posted by Mathieu Gilard on

How to Split Bamboo Easily with a Bamboo Splitter ?

If you want to work with bamboo, chances are you want to split bamboo without too much efforts. For this, there are simple tools, including the one we will present in this article: The Bamboo Splitter.

You don't need to be an expert to cut bamboo into strips. All you need is the right tools and knowledge of how to use them. In this article we will explain how to cut bamboo into 4, 8, 12 strips or more !

1. You can use green bamboo or dry bamboo

Dry or green bamboo

To cut bamboo into strips, most craftsmen use green bamboo. But if you only have pieces of dry bamboo, don't panic: You can use your Bamboo Splitter for both.

However, if you decide to cut green bamboo into strips, you must know that its dimensions will shrink slightly as it dries.

The mechanical properties of green bamboo will also change as they dry:

  • As the moisture content decreases, the structural strength increases but it loses its flexibility. So if you want to bend your bamboo slats for your creation, it’s better to cut green bamboo slats.
  • Compression strength increases as humidity decreases. Therefore, for structural support, it is better to use dry bamboo.

2. Select a Bamboo Splitter of suitable size

The bamboo splitter to make bamboo strips


As you can see, to cut your bamboo into strips, we recommend the use of a Bamboo Splitter.

You won’t have the same success with other tools, so we recommend our Original Bamboo Splitter, the best quality available on the market today. Other bamboo splitters available online often have easily broken handles.

The Original Bamboo Splitter can be use on poles up to 12 cm in diameter. We have found that this is the optimum size for all your bamboo splitting needs. And because we use manganese steel, our handles are reinforced and easy to use.

In our shop you will also see that you can choose the number of blades on your Bamboo Splitter. This will allow you to choose the number of slats needed for your project.

3. Plant your Bamboo Splitter in the center of your bamboo pole

Plant the Bamboo Splitter in the middle of the bamboo

In order to have homogeneous bamboo slats of the same width, it is important that you plant your Bamboo Splitter in the center of your bamboo. If you plant it more on one side than the other, you will get bamboo slats of different widths. This will be visible to the naked eye, especially if you use the Bamboo Splitter with 4 blades.

Also, always start cutting your bamboo from the end with the smallest diameter.

4. Put the end of the bamboo against a wall

Once your Original Bamboo Splitter is planted in the middle of the cane, stand facing a wall.

Thus, one end of the bamboo pole will be held with the Bamboo Splitter, and the other end will be against a wall.

To avoid damaging the end of your bamboo pole, you can place a plank or any other support that will prevent the bamboo section from rubbing against concrete and scratching.

5. Use a jerking motion to push the Bamboo Splitter into the pole

Give jolts in the bamboo to insert the bamboo splitter

Now, give the Bamboo Splitter a jolt to push it lengthwise into the cane.

Normally, the tool should sink in without difficulty, especially if you use a quality Bamboo Splitter like the one we offer in our shop.

At each knot, you will feel a little more resistance, but by using slightly more pressure, you should break off the diaphragm of the node without any problem.

6. Split the bamboo pole until the end

Split the bamboo pole till the end

You can go all the way to the end of the bamboo cane as you can see in the image above, or by pulling on each slat, the cane should split all the way to the bottom with no problem.

7. There you go !

There you go with your bamboo slats!


Here are your slats ready to be used. See, it's easy ! When you're done, it's better to store the bamboo slats inside before using it.

8. Break the diaphragms in the poles

You can break the diaphragms at each nodes


A little tip if you want to get smooth bamboo slats without the diaphragms at each knot: You can simply use a piece of bamboo, and by sliding it along the inner side of the slats, the diaphragms will break without any effort.

CautionBamboo poles are rarely perfectly straight and in most cases have 2 different sides. One side is straight, while the other side looks slightly bent. So, this information should be taken into account for your project since the slats on the more bent side will not be completely straight.

What to do with bamboo slices?

Bamboo slats to make a pergola

Once you've cut your bamboo into strips using your Bamboo Splitter, there are many creations you can make.

For example, you can use the bamboo slats to make a pergola roof. The best way to do this is to use fairly thin wire and attach the slats 4 by 4 or 8 by 8.

You can then position the slats on the bamboo frame and attach them to the bamboo dial with the wire.

Bamboo slats can also be used to make furniture, chairs, stakes for your garden, hoops for making a greenhouse, etc...

How to dry bamboo slices?

Faire sécher un bambou

If you have cut green bamboo strips with your Bamboo Splitter and want to dry them, here is some useful information:

  • Make sure that the surface on which the bamboo slats are put to dry is completely dry. If the bamboo slats are in contact with the ground, we advise you to put a support underneath so that they dry as well as possible. Alternatively, if the ground is sandy and drains water well, the bamboo slats should dry well too.
  • If you wish to have straight bamboo slats, avoid leaving them to dry with a support at either end. Without a support in the middle, they may take on a curved shape.
  • Ensure optimal air circulation by avoiding contact between the individual bamboo slats.

Drying of the green bamboo slats should take 2-3 months. Of course, it is best to do this during the winter to obtain the best result.

Now you know how to cut bamboo into strips! Feel free to check out our Bamboo Splitter in the shop if you're looking for the best tool. Please note that the monthly stock is limited as it is a handcrafted tool. If the stock of the month is finished, you can contact us and we will let you know when more stock is available.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please send us photos of your creations using the original bamboo splitter !

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